About GIFT

GIFT (Global Institute of Fashion Technology) is the dedicated college to offer a personalized academic programs combines the right balance of first class education with access to real working contacts.

Not only do we offer an excellent training programme for raw undiscovered talent, but we also create a genuine opportunity to be plucked from obscurity and thrown into the limelight. Every term at GIFT we will invite a select group of fashion / Interior industry influencers to assess our students and their caliber of work. Students that demonstrate both exceptional ability and brilliant creativity - those who radiate star quality, will be considered for employment/contracts and work experience opportunities.

GIFT has a first class reputation in delivering quality education, with some of the strongest industry experts helping shape syllabuses and training delivery. Our goal is to help you succeed in the fashion styling industry / Interior Designing field with an emphasis on training, career and practical tuition. The company vision is to raise standards throughout the fashion industry.