About GIFT

The institute provides the best fashion designing and interior designing course in kolkata.GIFT is the dedicated college to offer a personalized academic programs combines the right balance of first class education with access to real working contacts.

At GIFT We have:
Better Infrastructure: The Infrastructure is comfortable for the students to learn and work around. It is updated as and when required.

Excellent experienced Faculties: The students get first on-hand experience of receiving topmost faculty training.

Industry personnel are roped in time to time: To judge who give their professional comments to the students exhibiting their work.

Well Equipped Library and Design Labs.

Library has updated books and all the major magazines.

Fashion Show and seminers. and exhibition: GIFT concludes shows, exhibition, and fashion seminers every year as a bi-annual event to encourage and procure students to perform whatever they have learnt in their classes.

Internship and placement Asistance: Our students know they have to excel within themselves and at the Interviews. We introduce the Training Sessions to groom them for interviews when they graduate.

Won Awards and Credentials.

Oldest Center in kolkata in the field in Fashion: Best Academic Center, Best Performance. Started in 1999, our center has developed a solid base and is still going strong.

Reachable Loaction of the Campus in and outside Kolkata: Approachable from all the main roads and very soon going to have a branch in salt lake. Where metro faciltity getting built near metro avail comfortable communication for outside students.

With the syllabus we offer an excellent shaped by the strongest industry experts in kolkata. For raw undiscovered talent, also we create genuine opportunity for students to be plucked from obscurity and thrown into the limelight. Every term at GIFT we invite select group of fashion / Interior industry experts to assess our students and their caliber of work. Those who radiate quality, and considered for employment/contracts and work opportunities.

Our goal is to help students succeed in the fashion Styling Industry / Interior Designing field with an emphasis on proper training, career consultancy and prctical experience. The company vision is to be at per with the fashion/interior industry standards.

To become a successful Fashion Designer, A student needs to have a combination of drawing, sewing, and design skills, a knowledge of the fashion industry a strong fashion portfolio and unparallelled perseverance.

Gift Design academy in kolkata, helps you devolop your skills, which Successful fashion designers have like drawing, an eye for color and texture, an ability to visualize concepts in three dimensions, and the mechanical skills involved in sewing and cutting all types of fabrics. Being able to sew difficult fabric under challenging situations will stand you in excellent stead throughout your career but you need to work at it - it's a skill that doesn't come easily to many people.

Understanding how fabrics move, drape, breathe, react when worn, etc. requires in-depth knowledge of fabric which is absolutely essential to use it properly when designing. Also one must know the source from where materials will be available from GIFT learn from existing designers, about their backgrounds, their signature style, what all they learned and also where they studied, Knowing all this helps students to be a better designer yourself, as they can borrow and build on their ideas.

After completing our Fashion Designing Course students learn how to create storyboards and product ranges with our best Fashion Designing Course. They excel at researching trends and finding inspiration from social media, comparative shopping and trade shows.

To devolope these skills one is required to devote hours in perfecting the craft. A little bit everyday helps them gain a deep understanding of fashion on the long run.It is very helpful in planning a career.

Learning this way helps them to make early contacts and provides ample opportunity to show off their skills in a less judgmental environment.After learning drawing, color composition, pattern-making, and draping. You may start working with industry professionals who serves as important contacts in the future who can give you first-hand advice and feedback on your work.

Apply for an internship in fashion designing course from GIFT you will understand how real-world experience will be more beneficial to you. You need to have an impressive portfolio to apply but be willing to start at the bottom;Again, the connections you make through your internship or apprenticeship will be vital as you pursue your career in fashion, and work with industry professionals.

Also It could be that the person has immense passion towards interior designing. We are one of the best interior designing institute in kolkata To achieve success,first a student has to join the Interior Designing Institutewith a professionally cut out syllabus that is competent to satisfy the demands of the Interior Designing Industry.

So, Choosing the right institute does have its own benefits. GIFT the Best Interior Design Institute in Kolkata offers comprehensive & professionally competent Syllabus. Only then can the candidate enjoy immense success in this particular domain.

Course offered by the GIFT is recognized throughout the country.For its professionalism and competence Hence, getting jobs is not a problem. It comes with respectable position and good money. Both After, Competing the course the students are able to withstand competition. Therefore, Studying at GIFT the Best Interior Design Institute in Kolkata does make huge difference.

There are several reasons for candidates to join this prestigious institution. It offers candidates with 70% practical knowledge. And hence regarded as an excellent institute to study in Kolkata. Moreover drafting kit is offered free for Advance and Diploma courses. Students are involved with field activities to participate and practice the designs on real time projects.

The classes availed from GIFT the Best Interior designing Institute in Kolkata therefore prove to be beneficial. It also offers updated resources and materials periodically. Students are provided with full support to complete the course in style.

To conclude, Provision for industrial visits during the course itself a internship after completion boosts the studnts confidence and provides the right environment to launch a successful career as an Interior Designer.