In the field of fashion and creativity IMB Milan, Italy is an international leader in

Fashion education,founded by the current director Fernando Burgo in 1961 with its base in Melano, Italy and also expanding to Rome, Indonesia, Turkey, Mexico, Egypt and many others. IMB has developed a training method aimed to optimize and emphasize learning efficiency with the main objective of inclusion of its students into the global market. The institute receives hundreds of job and internship offers as the education quality consists in the practice training which plays an important role in the courses of IMB. A highly qualified and constantly updated teaching staff has the essencial task of training full fledged professional figures and competing internationally.+

Gift Design Academy has an international collaboration with IMB Milan, Italy. In today's competitive world it's very essential for a student to hold a foreign certificate. It will lead them to upgradethemselves and be more precise in their field.

Teaching Method

The school equipment consists of books and rules, and has been patented by the Instituto di Moda Burgo.
Among all there are two books: Modellismo and Figurino. They in fact are born thanks to experience accumulated over the years and several previous editions. These manuals are considered comerstones of teaching and are the pride of the institute. The texts are constantly updated by industry experts and represent the best that you can find on the market. The study programs contained therein are modern, complete and exclusive. They deal with all matters relating to the sector from fashion design to the practical realization of the dress. For more details click on the link: